Day 14 – Back Home

I saw the Trifecta this trip – Honu, Monk Seal and Whales!!!

Last day was a long day that blended into another day with no real night in between, and the extra hour change of DST to deal with – makes for a very tired and cranky Donna. Left HNL at 3:30 pm arrived home at 6am.

Got a last few hours of sun at Mahana on Sunday morning before we headed to the airport. No traffic, saw some whales saying good bye along the ride, loads of SUPers out there also. Seems there are a lot doing a combination of SUP and surfing – surfing using a paddle. Was fun to watch

Returned our Alamo car with no problems, through security in a few minutes, yet again I was randomized and they swiped my hands with something. Yep, I am the epitome of someone who will do harm – NOT!

Night before we left I realized that our OGG-HNL flight lands at 2:45 and our HNL-JFK flight started boarding at the same time. A little too close for my comfort, especially when I remember reading that AG Inspection can back up, and I knew we had to go through that.

When we got to OGG I tried to change to go standby on an earlier flight. I was told that even though there were seats available, and even though I was willing to pay the change fee, since my tickets were bought on miles I could not change my flight. Didn’t quite get the logic but OK. I asked them if I was late would they hold the connecting flight for me – was told probably not – not what I wanted to hear.

So I was watching a flight board, and it looked very light so I tried a different tactic. Went to the agent boarding and asked her if there were seats, she said yes. Told her that I had Miles Tickets and is there any way to get on the flight. She said sure – just go to the desk and they will change. So $ 30 per ticket change fee later we were on the flight. Landed with an hour before the next flight. No idea why all of a sudden I could, but I didn’t care.

The flights were uneventful. Had downloaded lots of TV shows to watch on the HNL-NYC leg and it seemed to go rather quickly. Slept for maybe an hour. Landed 45 minutes early to 37 degrees and flurries – Welcome Home!

Starting to talk about “if” for next year. If we do DH wants to go to Kauai as well, I guess I can live with that.

People don’t understand why I want to go back again, and it’s hard to explain. Every other vacation I have been on, no matter how great, when my time was up I was ready to go home. Not so on Maui – It gets into your blood – just feels so right.

Since I hate this post with no pictures, here are some of my favorites from the trip.