Day 8 – When Maui hands you lemons…

Rooster was up before me today. Our rooster has a very distinctive sound – not your normal COCK A DOODLE DOOO more like an ER ERRR ERRR ERR ERR. And joining him today were many birds – sounded like the movie The Birds outside this am. Kinda creepy.

Well the good news is – no rain today. At times the sun tried to peek through. At times it was almost bright.

2014-03-03 07.33.45

2014-03-03 07.33.37

DH had golf at Pukalani so I had no car to find brighter spot. Decided I could stay inside and read and pout or go sit outside and read and be glad it wasn’t snowing. I opted for the latter.

The sun was in and out, I enjoyed watching the surf and relaxing.

2014-03-03 12.17.36

2014-03-03 23.16.19

Would have been nicer had it been sunny, but oh well the rest of the week looks bright!

Dinner tonight was Maui Thai – DH is a fan of thai and really liked it.

Then Safeway to get our RTH cooler, food etc.

Tomorrow good bye Kihei, hello Hana.

Wish us luck on the drive!!!


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