Day 10 – Pipiwai Trail, Pools at Oheo, Mahana

Today was a very long day. I don’t know how people do Hana, Pipiwai Trail, Oheo and back in a day. Was enough doing it over 2.

Up early to get an early start on the Pipiwai Trail.

Have to tell you that the road from Hana to Pipiwai makes the Road to Hana look like a major highway. That was a scary drive, even worse on the way back when I felt like I was hanging over the edge of a sheer cliff!!!

There was a detour around part of Hana Hwy – because the detour was one lane they had to set up a temporary traffic light. After sitting 2 mins DH asked how long we had to wait – until it turns green Duh!


Got to the trailhead around 8:30 – lot was empty. Was almost a solitary walk to the top except for one woman who we saw when she was going up, then down, then up again. Seems she does this 2x every am to start her day. Don;t know if I was more impressed or jealous.


We were off… Picked up a couple of branches to use as walking sticks.


The views were breathtaking.





Loved these signs all along the way. No ambiguity there.




We were not going to be THOSE PEOPLE!

The hike was great, not as easy as I thought, but worth every step. Loved the coolness of the Bamboo Forest.







When we got to the top the falls were fantastic and made the hike worthwhile. People had said you could swim in the falls, but didn’t seem that way.



As we hiked down, dozens of people were hiking up. We gave our walking sticks to an older Asian Couple who seemed very happy to get them.

After we got to the bottom we took a short walk to Oheo Gulch. My bad knee was acting up by that point, so I sat on the rocks at Oheo and watch DH do some walking and envied him as he was cooling off under the falls






We talked to a couple and some Rangers at the bottom. The couple had said they took the south route from Kihei. I asked how it was and they said scary. Asked the Rangers about taking that route back and they said it was narrow and you had to be prepared to back up through blind turns. We said OK – back via RTH for us.

Then it was time to head to our next home, Mahana.

While we were coming up yesterday we had most of the RTH to ourselves, not so much today. Lots of people coming up as we were heading down. Most were respectful, some were speeding along down the middle. But after the road between Hana and Pipiwai it was a breeze. Except for those times I was looking over a sheer cliff and holding on for dear life!

We stopped in Paia for lunch. Finally got to try Paia Fish Market and it was delicious!

Thanks to all the encouragement here we then stopped at Boss Frogs and I rented snorkel gear – I will give it another shot tomorrow! Let you know how it goes!

Next stop was Mahana – and all I can say about our room is WOW!

The pictures did not do the views here justice. Million dollar views! The wall is basically all windows overlooking the ocean. Whales were frolicking out there all afternoon!

Sunset views awesome! Sunset views with whales even better!






Photos all from our lanai.

Went to Duke’s next door at the Honua Kai for dinner. Live music, dinner at the bar.

Perfect ending to a long perfect day!

Tomorrow am Whale Watch with Trilogy.



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