Day 11 – Trilogy Whale Watch, Kapalua Bay & Snorkeling

 Another beautiful day – unfortunately I was up WAY too early – like 3am. Gave up trying to go back to sleep at 5.

On the bright side I saw a beautiful Maui sunrise with whales. What better way to start the day.

Oh and I did have company – littlered was up with me as though who read her trip report saw.

Had a Trilogy Whale Watch from Kaanapali Beach at 8am this am – no problem I was for 5 hours at that point 🙂

Trilogy Eula – our ride coming to the beach so we could board


Captain Casey – he actually captained my Lanai trip last year. Second generation Trilogy Captain.


The Trilogy colors against the bright blue skies.


And we were off. We saw whales, whales and more whales.

This calf put on quite a show. He was tail slapping forever (let’s just say I had about 200 pictures of his tail slapping). But he was adorable and having the time of his young life showing off for us.







Not wanting to be outdone, mom had her turn next. She also went on and on and on. Even more impressive since she was so much bigger and her splashes were awesome, and the sound of the was just so cool.









We were just in awe.

A few minutes later – a full breach! Unfortunately it happened so fast that no one got a picture of it. So instead we have the Trilogy version


After the Whale Watch DH wanted to rent a kayak but there were signs not to swim because the beaches were unsafe, and the currents were too strong for them the rent the kayaks.

So for a few hours, I admit, we were THOSE PEOPLE. Trilogy left from the beach in front of the Kaanapali Beach Hotel. As we were trying to decide what to do next we noticed so many open lounge chairs, so we sat on a couple for a few hours. We did get lunch and drinks, so not like we were freeloading.

Then it started to get cloudy and we decided to move on. I suggested the Kapalua Coastal Walk and off we went.

When we got to the start of the walk by Kapalua Beach we saw the calm waters and all the snorkelers. Forget the walk, back to the car we went to get our chairs, towels and snorkel gear.

With all the encouragement from all of you I had rented snorkel gear from Boss Frogs. I got this fancy snorkel that supposedly does not let water in, and one of those yellow waist floaties so I wouldn;t sink – figured it would make my life easier.

So, gear on and I was off. Within my first 5 minutes I saw a Honu. He was much larger than I thought he would be. So cool. Between that and the cool fish, and the right gear it was actually fun. Thanks guys for pushing me 🙂

Was very funny – at some point it started to shower. Parents called the kids out of the ocean saying It’s raining – you don;t want to get wet let’s go. Umm, they are in the ocean, they are wet. Five minutes later the beach was practically deserted, and the sun came out.

We were thinking of Merrriman’s Happy Hour but then it got really dark and the rain started to come down, so we left that for another day (running out of days though).

On the way back to Mahana we stopped at Binky’s. I got a very cool Honu lariat necklace. They really had some wonderful reasonably priced items.

Another gorgeous Maui sunset.




Plan was to go to Lahaina for dinner, but the 3 am wake up call was catching up to me so we brought in from Honokowai Fish Market and ate on the Lanai. Shrimp BLT for me, so good and Catch of the Dah (Mahi Mahi) for DH, along with Seafood Chowder. Everything was delicious.

Tomorrow supposed to rain – so we will play it by ear. Tomorrow night is Warren and Anabelle’s – I am really looking forward to that.

Hope the whale tails were not too many.


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