Day 12 – Insane Whales

All the weather reports were for a rain filled day today. Woke up to cloudy skies and not much hope for sunshine.

DH went for a walk down the beach to try to rent a kayak, they said supposed to rain all day so we’d rather not.

Around 8am there were signs of hope…


Sun was peeking through. I put on a suit, grabbed my Kindle and figured I’d get some sun while the getting was good.

The day just got better and better from there. Turned into a beautiful sunny breezy day on Kaanapali Beach.

Even better than the weather today were the whales. I don’t know what they had for breakfast but there were insanely active today. From early morning until late afternoon they were jumping, breaching, flipping, slapping like crazy. Everyone on the beach was having an amazing time watching them.

Lucky whale watch cruisers today must have gotten awesome pictures.

Here are some I was able to get from the beach











Unfortunately I was not quick enough to get a shot of the synchronized breach – 2 whales same time – just awesome!

We were discussing going to Kapalua to snorkel but the whales won out. We never left the grounds of the Mahana all afternoon.

At one point we went to the room to get snacks, on the way back down someone in the elevator asked if I was Donna – so I said yes, how do you know me? It turns out she is a Donna also and she has been following my blog here. Was pretty cool.

Tonight we are heading into Lahaina and then Warren and Annabelle’s. I still have to get that $100 bill everyone is telling me to bring.

I’ll report on that tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our last full day before we head home. Hoping Swap Meet and Kapalua weather permitting.


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