Day 13 – Our Last Day…

Today was our last full day on Maui – we actually began to talk about maybe next year….But we will see.

Woke up to ominous cloudy skies. Unwilling to make a decision as to what we wanted to do we to Dukes for breakfast. First breakfast out all week and we really enjoyed it.

Back to the condo – stared at the skies and decided to go to the Swap Meet again. I had a question for my favorite sea glass guy which he answered, wanted an anklet the he had – and he gave it to me free – guess I am a good customer LOL. Wandered around and got t shirts for our boys.

Headed back to Mahana and as we were heading around the West Maui Mountains we saw what looked like blue skies – WOO HOOO.

Clouds and sun were fighting all day, but we enjoyed the beach in front of Mahana and the whale show.

We had a sunset sail scheduled with Trilogy off the beach of Kaanapali, but the surf was looking a bit rough. The y called and emailed that we would be leaving out of Lahaina harbor instead.

What a great sunset sail. So many people cancelled because of the supposedly bad weather that there were only 12 instead of the normal 40.

The sunset was fabulous – amazing colors…







Had yummy pupus and drinks and then the whales came a calling. No breaches but this mom and calf swan so close to our boat that we probably could have touched them.





Whales never got old and neither do sunsets. Me and DH on the other hand…


Off the boat and we were a bit hungry so we decided to get a could of salads on the roof at Fleetwoods. I had a Mai Tyler which was awesome, The food and drinks when they finally came were very good. But took over 30 minutes to get drinks, and 45 for my salad to come. There was a large party, so maybe that through them off, I don’t know.

Got some cookies at Honolulu Cookie Company to take home – they look so yummy

Tomorrow am hoping for a little sunshine before we leave for OGG around 11.

I have enjoyed chronicalling my trip – this way I will remember it as well!!!


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